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News on the latest developments at Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport looks back at a successful year 2016


2016 was a year full of exciting events for Hamburg Airport. New routes and airlines extended the variety of flights available for passengers. And innovative services such as modernised gates and a new airport app made sure that travelling was comfortable. Hamburg Airport is continuing this trend in 2017. Since the start of the year, the airport is offering passengers 24 hours of free WLAN access. The route network will continue to grow.



16 in 16 - Hamburg Airport passes 16 million passengers for first time


Hamburg Airport welcomed its 16-millionth passenger today. This is the first time in the airport's 105-year history that it has surpassed the 16 million passenger mark. The 16-millionth passenger was Julia Erkes-Barialai from Hamburg, travelling with her husband Roshan and her daughters Lina (4 years) and Frida (2 years) to Naples with easyJet. Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, and Alexandra Stoepfer, Head of Station for easyJet at Hamburg Airport, were on hand this afternoon to welcome the jubilee passenger.



Hamburg Airport presents 2016/17 winter timetable


The new winter timetable comes into effect at Hamburg Airport on 30 October, 2016. It is valid until 25 March, 2017. Around 60 airlines fly to 120 destinations. On average, they carry 38,500 passengers per day to and from Hamburg in the winter - around 270,000 passengers every week. In the 2016/2017 winter season, once again, the airlines are focussing on sun, ski and city breaks along with business destinations. Three completely new destinations are being added to Hamburg's route network: Sofia, Milan Bergamo and London Stansted. On another eight routes, passengers will now have the choice of additional airlines.





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